Semi-Finals and Nomination for Best Speaker: Jean Pictet Competition on International Humanitarian Law

This year our International Law Training and Research Hub at the University of Tokyo sent a team for the first time toJean Pictet Competition – the world competition on the knowledge, understanding and implementation of International Humanitarian Law.

The University of Tokyo team is Amishi Agrawal, Paul Hwa Namkoong and Fei Tong. The team has won the first prize at the Japan national round, got the first prize in Asia regional round, and now they were invited to join Jean Pictet 34th edition in Bali, Indonesia. 45 teams have gathered from all over the world, including Essex University, which I graduated from.

Our team is consisted of 2nd year undergraduate students. Two of them had no background whatsoever on international law in April 2019, when they first came to my class. Over the year, through two class modules and intensive training sessions, they have really got very interested in the subject, and they learned!

I am very pround to say that the University of Tokyo team has gone to the semi-finals.

Pictet 34-5

They did not get through to the finals. It did cross my mind that the University of Tokyo and Essex teams – my current and previous institutions – meeting in finals. It is very well done, team.

I also see that Amishi was nominated for getting a prize for the best speaker, although she did not get the actual prize.


Pictet 34-3

It is always very rewarding to see the next generation getting excited about what I am excited about – in international law and its protection of people.


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