Congratulations – IHL Role Play Asia Regional Round

71917940_10157892311222853_5535478031474229248_nOn 16-17 November, there was International Humanitarian Law Role Play competition, Asia Regional Round. The team from the University of Tokyo, the winner of the Japan National Round (September 2019) joined the competition as the representative of Japan.

I, the coach for the team, could not accompany the team, as I was part of the organizing committee for a big international conference – JASID/JAHSS joint conference on Refugees, Migrants, Education and Employment – on the same dates.

Teams representing different countries in Asia competed for their knowledge and understanding of IHL, playing various roles in given scenarios. After general rounds, teams were selected for semi-finals, then finals, and our team won the first prize!

The team had no knowledge of international law when we started our class in April. Congratulations, team, and there is a next step – Jean Pictet competition in February/March 2020, as the winner of the Asia Regional Round.

All the best of luck to the team, we will practice further.

Thank you very much for all those who made this possible.

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