16-17 Nov Conference on Refugees/Migrants and Education at the University of Tokyo (Komaba Campus)

16-17 November – JAHSS/JASID conference on refugees/migrants and education – is a must-go event! We have Prof. Jeff Crisp (Oxford Refugees Studies Centre), Ms. Eva Akerman-Borje (IOM) and Prof. Saburo Takizawa (former UNHCR-Japan rep) on our keynote panel. I have an honour of moderating the keynote panel.

Another panel I am moderating – the Global Governance Panel – has an amazing group of speakers. A great analyst on the refugee protection machinery in Japan, Dr. Naoko Hashimoto, Global Governance Futures member and Google, Sayid Abdullaev, and Prof. Eiji Oyamada, Japan’s leading scholar on corruption.

There is an amazing line-up of leading academics and practitioners, as well as a series of exciting side events.

I will be presenting on the influence of sexual exploitation and abuse (both on the incidents of SEA and the UN’s way to tackle SEA) on policing.

Please see below for more information.

More details here:

There is even a childcare service for a very modest fee and a prayer room (for those unfamiliar with the situation in Japan, this is absolutely amazing for Japan standard!)

See you all there!

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