International Humanitarian Law Role Play Competition Japan Round

I am very happy to announce that we are hosting the very first International Humanitarian Law Role Play Competition, Japan National Round.

8 September 2019 at Komaba campus, the University of Tokyo.

Interested teams from Japanese universities, PLEASE APPLY BY 25 JUNE.

Please also note that there will be a seminar on 7 September on contemporary challenges of International Humanitarian Law. On that, details are coming up soon.

All details are below:

Special thanks to the University of Tokyo’s student team – the last year’s team members.

12 April seminar: Why is the UN failing to mitigate sexual exploitation and abuse in Peace Operations?


The seminar on sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) in UN Peace Operations – with my co-researcher Dr. Marsha Henry of the Centre for Women, Peace and Security, London School of Economics, was held on 12 April at the University of Tokyo’s Hongo Campus. The seminar is part of our project on sexual exploitation and abuse – prevention and accountability – myself as the primary researcher and Dr. Henry as co-researcher. We have been working together to cover both legal individual accountability side and prevention and mitigation of SEA from sociology, gender side of the issue.


The seminar had a great turn out and had a lot of people involved in similar issues in one way or another. We thank for those who participated in this seminar, the Humanities Center for its extensive support. We will reflect your comments and further research in the upcoming Roundtable on the same in New York later this year.