Regional International Humanitarian Law Role Play Competition

A few months ago, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Japan Office asked me if I would be interested in sending in a team from the University of Tokyo to compete in the Regional International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Role Play Competition.

After asking around in all the classes I conduct at the University, we managed to form a team of three members to enroll in this competition. They are first and second-year students without international law background. Coaching them also faced the wall of finding a suitable time for all. The last two weeks prior to the competition was intense!

The team has done a tremendous job in obtaining courage and trying to make logic, as well as to play any roles given. Shy members have turned into great speakers, and the team has become a team, not a collection of individuals just on the day of the competition.


And on the day of the competition, 6 October, at UKM in Malaysia, they did it! They won the second prize in the Asian Regional competition. Great to see them eventually gaining courage and enjoying the learning process. Very proud of the team. Good experience for me to be a coach as well.


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