Presentation at the Global Peacebuilding Academy

On 11 July 2015, I made a presentation on the Criminal Accountability of UN Police in Peace Operations at the Global Peacebuilding Academy. My presentation involved the introduction of my accountability database, in which allegations of serious crimes committed by personnel associated with UN Peace Operations, the picture of how the UN deals with these allegations and of information available on prosecution of these crimes, in-depth analysis of said legal obstacles – jurisdiction and immunity, as well as practical obstacles that may hinder prosecution. At the end, an analysis was made on the possible legal obligation on the host and sending State and the UN to prosecute/do its best to assist prosecution of serious crimes.

Q and A session was very interesting. Many were interested in the database. Questions were also asked about immunity – how it is determined legally and how it is applied in practice. The difference between the two was highlighted. The type of sending States was also discussed. The discussion on their responsibility and on how the UN should press for their action was very interesting.

Thank you very  much for the interesting session.