Consultation with High Level Panel on UN Peace Operations


While I was writing my PhD thesis, the UN Secretary-General established an independent panel on UN Peace Operations. I have been wondering how to get the result of my thesis to the panel.

At the end of January 2015, the chairperson of the High Level Panel Mr. Ramos Horta, and two panel members visited Japan for consultation with relevant experts in Japan. I was invited to two consultations – one is a consultation with civil society, the other is a consultation with experts on UN Peace Operations.

My recommendations to the panel was on the rigid selection of security forces personnel, practical measures of increasing their accountability, clarification of UN’s immunity scheme and better transparency on information about the UN’s decision making and data on accountability.

Submitted PhD thesis



On 21 January 2015, I submitted my PhD thesis.

It is on individual accountability of UN Police personnel.

I looked into incidents of crimes committed by UN Police officers,

the background of how the UN Police get to Peace Operations,

potential legal barriers (jurisdiction and immunity),

practical barriers and possible lack of political will,

then analyzed if there is any obligation under international human rights law on

States and the UN to prosecute UN Police for their crimes.