Panel Discussion ‘Primordial Leadership: Peacebuilding and National Ownership in Timor-Leste’ 17 January 2014

On 17 January 2014, at the United Nations in Geneva Library,

I joined as a panelist to talk about Timor-Leste on the occasion of a new publication of a book by

Prof. Hasegawa, former SRSG of a UN mission in Timor-Leste.

Following the analysis by Prof. Hasegawa on different leaders of Timor-Leste,

the panelists discussed on different dimensions of the leadership and the leaders.


I focused my speech on the necessity of justice for the past grave human rights violations,

emphasizing that ‘peace or justice?’ is not entirely left to the leaders to decide.

People-centered peace-building means victims can not be ignored,

and only through people-centered approach would there be a sustainable peace.


The event is introduced at UNOG library Facebook page.

Happy new year 2014!

Time flies and we are in the year 2014!

Happy new year to all!

During this year, I will be finish up my PhD thesis (to the extent to submit the thesis) and be ready to move on to use what I discovered through my research. I am amazed at all the findings in the area of jurisdiction, immunities, law of responsibility and human rights in the context of UN peace operations. The law and practice are so divorced.

Hope to make the findings useful not only for the academia but for the UN, States and NGOs, and also for victims and for the local population in the area where UN operates.