On the historic ruling on a Srebrenica case at the Dutch Supreme Court (6 September 2013)

Just gone through the text of the Dutch Supreme Court’s historic ruling (on 6 Sept 2013) on a case related to Srebrenica.
For those friends working in the area close to mine, it is really worth reading the text. A lot of difficult issues: attribution of a conduct, applicable laws, the particular context of peacekeeping, the extent of control the UN/the Dutch government had and exercised, extraterritorial jurisdiction under IHRL, the relationship between different laws etc.
Unclear to me on how the Court saw the relationship between the boundary of human rights obligation and that under the Law of Responsibility.
Also it makes me think that the UN needs to have a better and clearer policy on the protection of local personnel it hires in field missions deployed in a place with fragile security, where many local personnel face serious threat not only to their lives but also to their families’….
Below is the link from which you can see the text of the Court ruling. (click the word ‘judgment’ in the first line)