Event #2 to commemorate 1 year anniversary of the Japan Disasters

I, together with Japanese people in Puglia, Italy, had another event to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the Japan Disasters. In collaboration with Progetto Universitas at the University of Salento, Lecce, we had photo and art exhibition at their entrance hall.

Artists who agreed with the cause of this exhibition sent me images and objects to exhibit. Photographers and NGO workers working in Japan sent me photos, which I printed and laminated, are exhibited. Many photos of destruction and reconsruction. Photos of families and lives.

We were very pleased to see that students and other audience were very serious in checking out the photos and arts.

We also had a calligraphy stand. A number of people came to ask our volunteer calligrapher to write their names, or words of their choice for 1 Euro.

Yet another stand was full of goodies from Japan – all donated from Japanese people in Puglia. The sales of the goodies and calligraphy stand became 323.53 Euro all together.

The sum will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. Millions of thanks for those who made this happen, and many many thanks to those who came and assited. Also a lot of thanks to those who came to visit the exhibition.

10 March Event to Commemorate the One-year Anniversary of Japan Disasters


On 10 March, together with Japanese people in Puglia, Italy, we organized an event to commemorate the one-year anniversary of East Japan Disasters.

Entitled ‘Love Nature’, two Japanese friends made live performance of flower arrangement. Beautiful balance and colours!!

There was also a Japanese calligraphy stand, which two other Japanese friends performed. A big crowd of audience gathered for the event.

We had a donation box – 114.66 Euro all together was collected. This will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross for their reconstruction work in Japan.

Millions of thanks for those who assisted me in organizing this event, those who came and performed, and those who visited us.

A local newspaper Quatidiano reported the event. “Magic of plants and characters” – indeed, it was magic.

I am organizing events to mark the one-year anniversary of the disasters in Japan #2

The second event I am organizing is in collaboration with the Student Association of Salento University, Lecce.


On 12 March (Mon), at the main entrance hall of Salento University, Lecce.

8:30 – 15:00: Art and Photo exhibition

10:30 – 11:30; 12:00 – 13:00: Calligraphy (SHODOU) demonstration

Photos, paintings and other art pieces are under the themes of ‘nature, natural disasters, energy sources, nuclear plants, Japan’. Come and have a look!